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Cassandra Fedele Etching
Lemon Duckie Cookies
Bobo in Venice Calendar
Fondant Covered Panettoni
Bobo a Venezia Calendario
Sola Busca Tarot Deck
Winter Sparkly Snowflake Cake
Rising American Pastry Chef
Bobo in Venice Calendar
Map of Venice 1500
Peanut Butter Cookies

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Some of Cookicletta's Favorite Christamas Cookies
Il Grande Canale, Venezia
La Sacra Allegoria - Giovanni Bellini
Bobo a Venezia Calendario
Struffoli di Napoli
Bobo a Venezia Calendario
Bobo in Venice Calendar
Parco degli Acquedotti, Roma
Vialetto d'Accesso, Tivoli
Via del Corso a Natale, Roma
Pizza Margherita, Napoli

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Welcome to the home of Cookicletta and Amici Press, publisher of '1500' by Heather Jane Johnson.  Cookicletta is an educational entity dedicated to the ongoing and lively exchange of American and Italian culture, with a special focus on food(especially cookies), travel, history, and English language learning.  Amici Press is not only the publisher of '1500', but also of doggy-related calendars set in spectacular Italian cities, and also other stationary goods featuring similar themes.  We hope this will be a learning adventure like no other, an escape from the woes of the world, your favorite destination for procrastination, or all of the above.  

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