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"I was lucky enough to know Heather many years ago when my daughter was little.  I am bilingual and I really wanted my daughter to learn.  In Heather I have found a precious person because he knows how to involve people and entertain them without feeling the fatigue of studying a language.  It seems easy!  But it takes great professionalism, as she has."

Silvia - parent

“She was by far the best English teacher I've ever had."

Julia - student

"I took the personalized English course on a very specific topic with Heather for a couple of years.  It helped me prepare some conferences and presentations that required precise technical language. Heather has a huge teaching experience which makes her very versatile, able to follow standard or 'tailored' programs.  Her lessons are fun and interesting , thanks to his commitment and concentration."

Domitilla - writer

"Very helpful and professional teacher.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their English at any level."


"Professional, competent, fun and encouraging, her lessons are never dull or boring.  With a lot of patience she managed to teach me many things.  If you think of don't be good at English, I recommend Heather!!"

Chiara - student

“Heather is an amazing teacher and person. Very skilled in teaching English, she is able to follow the adults and, without a doubt, to understand the little ones."

Peter - student

I met Heather about 7/8 years ago, she is a wonderful, well-prepared teacher who cares deeply about her students.  She manages to convey to the pupil all the necessary preparation and the required knowledge always with a smile.  I had remarkable educational and at the same time amusing experiences with her, which have always left me with something.  I highly recommend Heather as a teacher because people who they care so much about their work, dedicating their heart and soul to it now they rarely see it and because in addition to being a magnificent teacher she is also an extraordinary person."

Ludovica - student

At the moment Cookicletta English only offers one type of group course. Read below for more details.

  • Cookicletta focuses on bringing American culture to Italians in all sorts of fun and unique ways, and our A1 to B1 (beginner to intermediate) course could be the perfect fit for your English needs. This course is especially designed for those who want to start from scratch and improve to an intermediate level, or for those who have some English left over from their school years, but feel so rusty that they prefer to start over.

  • A1 to B1 is a 2-year course with 3 sessions of 12 weeks per year (see calendar dates at the end of this description). We use the Friends series in every lesson over the 2 years because of its proven effectiveness in helping adult learners improve their English faster. Students can watch episodes with Italian subtitles so they can enjoy the show's plot, but benefit from weekly passive immersion in the language and receive exercises and materials to accompany each episode that will improve their vocabulary, grammar, conversation , and in the second year, also writing. Comprehension skills are slowly and effectively improved over time simply by watching the series in its original language. Lessons focus on helping students immediately put the vocabulary and grammar from each lesson to use through numerous highly orchestrated conversation exercises during the first year of the course to make speaking and interacting easier despite lower levels of English. By the end of the two-year period, any student who has consistently attended classes and faithfully watched Friends should be able to pass a Cambridge B1 exam, giving them the chance to add that result to their CV.

  • ​Each 1 hour and 15 minute lesson will have a maximum of 10 students and will take place bi-weekly. At the end of each session a free online lesson on the preparation of American desserts will be provided.

  • The days and times of lessons are as follows:

  • Group 1: Monday and Wednesday from 16:00 to 17:15

  • Group 2: Monday and Wednesday from 17:30 to 18:45

  • Group 3: Monday and Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:15

  • Group 4: Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 10:15

  • Group 5: Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30 to 11.45

  • Group 6: Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 13.15

  • Two large free trial lessons for anyone interested in the course will be scheduled for Saturday, May 18th from 2 pm to 3 pm and Sunday, May 19th from 10.30 am to 11.30 am. If you would like to sign up for one of the trial classes, scroll below and you will find it listed. You can sign up online for free. If you would like to enroll directly in the course, you will find those listed too, just make sure you click on the option that best suits your availability.


  • All lessons will be led by Cookicletta's founder, Heather Johnson, who has been teaching English both privately and with schools in Rome, Foligno, and the Veneto for over 13 years. As a former Montessori student, Heather's lessons are designed to be fun, non-stressful, engaging, and a space where students feel comfortable making mistakes, learning English more effectively and fully through the process of trial and error.​


  • The price of the two-year course is €1800 in total for those who register by 1 June 2024, divided into 6 installments of €300 to be paid at the beginning of each session (effectively you pay 10 euros per hour). Public holidays and any "bridges" are already counted in the session periods so as not to risk missing lessons unnecessarily. Anyone who registers after June 1st will pay an administrative fee of €60 in addition to the first fee of €300.


  • Classes take place on Zoom and Friends can be watched on Netflix. Setting up Zoom is free and Netflix account subscriptions start at 6 euros per month. All learning materials will be provided via email prior to each half session.

  • If for some reason one begins the course, but due to unforeseeable factors is unable to complete the full 2 ​​years, they will not be obliged to continue and can gift the remainder of the currently booked session to a friend or family member who wishes to take their place .


  • For any questions, contact us via email,, through the contact page on this site, or via whatsapp at 333-748-2598.


  • Session dates:

  • 2024 -2025

  • Session 1 A1/A2 -- 17 June to 24 July, August break/first part September, 16 September to October 25

  • Session 2 A1/A2 -- 4 November to 13 December, Christmas break, 13 January to 21 February

  • Session 3 A1/A2 -- 3 March to 11 April, Easter/Holiday break, 5 May to 16 June

  • 2025-2026

  • Session 4 B1 -- 23 June to 31 July, break August/first part September, 15 September to October 23

  • Session 5 B1 -- 3 November to 12 December, Christmas break, 12 January to 20 February

  • Session 6 B1 -- 2 March to 2 April, Easter break, 13 April to 19 April, Holiday break, 4 May to 29 May, Holiday break, 8 June to 12 June


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